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About Paul

Paul is an economist and computer scientist who writes extensively on both subjects. His publications are available in several languages. He is a member of WARP and of Solidarity.

His books include

Uusi sosialismi

Paul Cockshott and Allin Cottrell present a new alternative to the capitalist market economy. The book explains how millions of different products in the manufacturing of society can be designed without having to resort to capitalist markets and bureaucratic arbitrariness. Direct democratic planned economy, based on their use of a working hours based   valuation system,  super computers and networks. Originally published in English in 1993, the book has since been translated into Swedish (2002), Czech (2006) in German (2006), Spanish (2007) and Russian (2007). Sosialismi.netin now publish the Finnish-language edition which includes the original book in addition to an updated version of chapter 15, in 2008, written to the additional figures in the socialist calculation debate (Chapter 16), and socialism, the transition (Chapter 17), as well as  a translation of the Czech language   foreword.

Arguments for


This book is made up of a collection of polemical articles written by us over the period since the fall of �die Mauer� and the crisis of the European socialist movement brought on in its wake. They record an attempt to argue through the theoretical challenges that this period has posed:

* Why did both Leninist communism and Social Democracy come to crisis?
* What were the economic weaknesses of both and what economic policy should a future socialist movement adopt to overcome these?
Link to PDF version

EU Am Ende

A book on the Euro crisis in German of which I am co author

Glasgow Pascal Compiler with Vector Extensions

This book is a manual for the Glasgow Pascal compiler, decribing both the standard features of Pascal and the Vector Extensions that allow efficient parallel processing on modern multi-core chips.

Computation and its Limits

The book is an innovative cross-disciplinary investigation of the relationship between computing and physical reality. It starts off investigating the mystery of why mathematics is so effective in science and seeks to explain this in terms of the modelling of one part of physical reality by another. Going from the origins of counting to the most blue-skies proposals for novel methods of computation the authors investigate the extent to which the laws of nature and of logic constrain what we can compute. In the process they examine formal computability, the thermodynamics of computation and the promise of quantum computing. ( in press with OUP)

Classical Econophysics: essays in thermodynamics, information theory and political economy

A book which examines the domain of classical political economy using the methodologies developed in recent years both by the new discipline of econo-physics and by computing science. The book begins by examining the most basic feature of economic life   production   and asks what it is about physical laws that allows production to take place. How is it that human labour is able to modify the world? It looks at the role that information has played in the process of mass production and the extent to which human labour still remains a key resource. The Ricardian labour theory of value is re-examined in the light of econophysics, presenting agent based models in which the Ricardian theory of value appears as an emergent property. The authors present models giving rise to the class distribution of income, and the long term evolution of profit rates in market economies.

Simd Programming Manual for Linux and Windows

A book on programming for the SIMD instructionsets of modern processors. It looks at theese architectures and gives examples in Vector Pascal, a language that I developed for high performance image processing.

Transition to 21st century socialism in the European Union

A book based on a socialist ecconomic response to the credit crisis that was put forward at a conference in Berlin in Feb 2010

Towards a

New Socialism

EPUB format

English Edition of a book that has subsequently appeared in several languages (below). It examines the extent to which modern super computer technology allows both an efficient system of planned economy and enhanced democratic control of society using electronic voting.
Note that the EPUB format is a relatively innacurate conversion from the original latex


Spanish translation published in Venezuela.

К новому социализму

Russian translation, currently on the web, probably due for publication.


The full text of the Czech edition of our book with the long extended introduction we wrote for this edition.

Sozialismus ist machbar

Extended German translation of Towards a New Socialism, containing the Czech introduction. This includes certain chapters elided from the German edition published by Papyrossa ( shown in picture).

Planhush�llning och direktdemokrati

 Denna bok, skriven av en nationalekonom och en datorforskare, visar inte bara att ett annat s�tt �r m�jligt – den visar ocks� hur det rent konkret kan f�rverkligas med hj�lp av modern datakraft och det n�tverksbyggande som brutit igenom i v�r tid.

PS-Algol Implementations

Describes implementation techniques for the persistent programming language PS-algol.

A Compiler Writer’s Toolbox 

A textbook on compiler construction showing how to build high speed interactive compilers after the idiom of the Borland compilers. The example compiler is an implementation of PS-algol. The web link is to a version of the book used as teaching notes here.

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