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This  page contains a number of tutorial presentations on topics in political economy prepared using Google Slides which should be viewable on any web browser.


 The Rise of Class and Patriarchy


Modes of production: the transition to agriculture

An account of the neolithic revolution.

How the world worked – 2: Slavery

The slave mode of production and how it differs from capitalism.

Why the labour theory of value is right

Modern communist principles

The above is a tutorial to be given in Brussels in 2018

Big data, supercomputers and cyber-communism

A talk I gave in Hanoi in 2017

Computers and Economic Democracy

Outlines the theory in our book Towards a New Socialism

The Polarisation of Capital

Presentation on financial crises derived from work by a Communist Formation study group in 1977. Early use of econophysics concepts further developed in Classical Econophysics.

Marxism and the scientific method

Introductory lectures of an advanced course on Marxist Science

Electronic and Athenian Democracy

A presentation of direct democracy originally given to a non-leftist audience.

Differential rent

Economic basis of the landlord class

Turing and thought

The passage to materialism

Counting and Thought

There is no maths without physical tools

Commodity Production and the ‘subject’

Marxism radically refutes subjectivism

Socialism and Trump’s economists

Work done with Tonak. We show that contrary to Trumps  claims the historical record of socialism is far better than that of capitalism and that the restoration of capitalism in Russia and the Ukraine led to far more deaths than are alleged to have been caused by socialist industrialisation.

Epicycles and neoclassical economics

How Ptolemy was smarter than Samuelson

Against the Kliman price theory

A long presentation with Zachariah critiquing Kliman.

Socialist calculation and algorithms

Why the labour theory of value holds

Evidence and statistical laws. A telelecture delivered to Brazil.

Replying to Bryce Edwards and others

A talk defending the empirical materialist approach to the theory of value.

The impending catastrophe and how to plan for it

A scientific socialist approach to dealing with the impending climate crisis. Talk given in Galicia.

An improved algorithm for a class of linear programming problems

A lecture I gave at Glasgow University on the Harmony Algorithm





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